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Impact Launch - 90 Day Program

Ever took your car into the shop to get it tuned, adjusted, and added better tires? This is what Impact Launch will do for your online program. It's upgrading what you already have.

It's designed to launch your new program off the ground into the atmosphere as fast as the "Merlin" Space X rockets on the Falcon 9 (serious boost).

Jokes aside, this is one of the most elite and fast paced programs you'll join if you're looking to launch your program under 30 days. 

We not only build the systems for you, but teach you how to think like us, rather than tell you what to do and/or keep you relying on our systems (lame). This keeps your business self-sustaining and innovative above your competitors.

This is either a done-with-you or a done-for-you service - We customize it based on what you need and how fast you need to get there.


Rockets need chemical compounds to work the engines... we're going to do the same for your ads, systems, and team. We're be working at an atom-level focus to ensure maximum client success, condensed and motivated teams, and extensive profitability all with a peace of mind while you're sipping mojitos in the Maldives.

Over these 90 days we come in & totally transform your advertising efforts. Within 7 days you’ll have your ads running. In 90% of cases all we need is photos from your end and our in-house copywriting expert starts to construct your campaigns. He works in conjunction with our in-house ad specialist to make sure that the right message is  landing to the right audience set. David works on the strategy and making sure that we load the canon properly in order to have a successful campaign.

To date, we have never made less than a 2X ROI over a 90-day slope for our clients, something we’re very proud of. If we decide to work with you, it’s only because we genuinely believe it’s going to be a home run. This 90-day program is a fixed 3 month agreement & then from there it’s rolling month by month.
Hear From One Of Our Clients:
Benz Jean Enterprise LLC
Benz Jean Enterprise LLC is based out in Linden, New Jersey and has fixed and flipped over $150 million in real estate properties.

Benz first came in contact with our agency through a Instagram direct message & audit funnel (Ironic, huh?) - From there he brought us in as a trusted marketing consultant to push his business to the next level.

After we over delivered for his masterclass funnel bringing in 700+ members, he signed on for our monthly paid traffic service for 3 of his other companies. Our team made it possible for his company to become known EVERYWHERE! Our company helped him to get off the ground much faster and easier than the average business would. Feel free to reach out to them to learn more!
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